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We are purposely keeping this meeting list very simple and are including only virtual BDA meetings which have completed the form below. BDA meetings listed here can be sorted by any of the eight fields included below and the search option is working well.


Please complete the form below the meeting list if you would like your BDA group added, specifically for the purpose of interacting with other virtual BDA groups, welcoming BDA  members from other groups to your BDA home group, and making it as easy as possible for BDA newcomers to find you.

Unfortunately, the GSB has let us know that we can include only virtual — that is, not face-to-face — meetings on our list. Apparently the WSC charter would need to be revised via a vote at WSC convocation if we want to serve all BDA groups. If this is of interest or importance to you, please reach out to your BDA group's GSR for guidance and additional information.

Thank you.

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BDA Intergroup Startup Project

Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the Debtors Anonymous principles and tools when owning and running a business. 


Registered Group #: 13017

Business Meetings4th Sundays

We are moving to video conference beginning in February 2021, please send an email for instructions on pre-registering for your own personal, unique video conference link.

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