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2020_08_14 - September 2020 BDA Newslett

Click on the image above or here to download our 2-page September 2020 newsletter in pdf.

2020_08_14 - September 2020 BDA Newslett

Click on the image above or here to download our 2-page September 2020 newsletter in pdf.

Our September 2020 issue (above) of “Doing Business Without Debting” is our first and is in final approval phase now. The version above is being provided provisionally and will be formally approved at our next business meeting, on August 23rd. Most of our monthly newsletters — versus our Expanded Quarterly News — will be posted on this page sometime between the 5th and 10th of the subject month.

Because we are just getting started as an Intergroup and as a newsletter publisher, we are anticipating our four 2020 newsletters — including one Expanded Quarterly News — to primarily contain submissions from our BDA Intergroup trusted servants. However, we would welcome submissions from interested BDA members immediately. 

Please see our Newsletter Coordinator's trusted servant page for all the details including: editorial calendar, submission needs, and our planned monthly topics through December 2021.

We are especially encouraging BDA members with annual solvency anniversaries to make an optional gratitude donation and celebrate by being listed in the "Experience" section of “Doing Business Without Debting” (see below and Newsletter Coordinator for details).

Note on anonymity: Anonymity of all BDA members must be preserved in this very public setting. All submissions will be credited as first name and last initial, with or without geographic location, or as anonymous.

Our Approved Starting Point for

“Doing Business Without Debting”

2020_07_21 - Newsletter layout sample (v

 Front page 

2020_07_21 - Newsletter layout sample (v

 Back page 

Click on either of the images above or here to download the 2-page monthly newsletter format in pdf.

NOTE: We will purposely avoid spelling out "Debtors Anonymous" and "Business Debtors Anonymous" so that members will not be afraid of accidentally leaving our newsletters on their desks or in other places related to their businesses or workplaces. We mention debting and debtors, hoping that will be general enough in a publication to avoid breaking anyone's anonymity. Please provide feedback on ways we can improve on the newsletters and on our practice of the Traditions in preparing them.

Then visit our Newsletter Coordinator to find out how you can help to make our BDA Intergroup newsletter a success.

Please also visit our eBlasts and Expanded Quarterly News pages, plus our Newsletter Coordinator's page.

Want to submit something for publication? Visit Newsletter Coordinator.

Business Debtors Anonymous 

Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the Debtors Anonymous principles and tools when owning and running a business. 


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