eBlast Coordinator

Do you have something to say that you believe would be helpful and in service to BDA groups, members, and newcomers worldwide?

Please send a polished draft of your proposed message, not a first or rough draft, to our Project Lead via bdaintergroup@gmail.com for consideration. Because this is a new method of communication for our BDA fellowship, we have not had time to consider, let alone set, standards for messaging.

Here are some early suggestions, though:

Anonymity — Submissions, if selected for publication, will be posted to this website, which is considered public media for our purposes. Please write your contribution as if you're going to read it to the world over the radio or see it in one of the national newspapers.

Brevity — The best length is between 250-500 words. 

Content — The best way to ensure your submission reads well is to read it out loud and to edit where you automatically change words and wherever you stumble while reading.

Depth — Ensure that the message you want to share will be of interest to the majority of BDA members worldwide. If it would interest only a small number or percentage of members, we probably would not publish it here.

Experience — Please focus on your experience, strength, and hope in DA and BDA recovery, not on your opinions or advice giving.

Focus — Cover one specific topic and cover it well. If you want to write about a second topic, you can submit a second piece.

The same notes apply as those we've offered for Doing Business Without Debting and our Expanded Quarterly News, plus one more. 

Currently our Project Lead is filling the role of eBlast Coordinator. He has said that the eBlast page would have to be "removed from his cold, dead hands," but we don't think he meant it.

NOTE: We will purposely avoid spelling out "Debtors Anonymous" and "Business Debtors Anonymous" so that members will not be afraid of accidentally leaving our eBlasts on their device screens, especially in their businesses or workplaces. We mention debting and debtors, hoping that will be general enough in these posts to avoid breaking anyone's anonymity. Please provide feedback on ways we can improve on the eBlasts and on our practice of the Traditions in preparing them.

NOTE: All submissions are subject to editing by our Project Lead and reviewed by our Newsletter Coordinator. Not all submissions can be selected for publication.

NOTE: Anonymity of all BDA members must be preserved in this very public setting. All submissions will be credited as first name and last initial, with or without geographic location, or as anonymous.

NOTE: eBlasts will have a variety of life spans. Some will be kept on the website for many months, some only for a few weeks or even days.

Want to suggest a new position? Please submit a proposed description.