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Regarding the 4-page quarterly format, which replaces the monthly format of “Doing Business Without Debting” in the months that apply — February, May, August, and November — there are an additional two pages added when we offer a full page to share about our quarterly progress in serving BDA groups and BDA members.

In this longer quarterly newsletter, we will also have a full page to share the submitted treasury report, including not only our spending for the previous calendar quarter, most recently ended, but also our balances in all funds and in total.

Click on any of the images below to open and download 4-page pdfs.

Note on anonymity: Anonymity of all BDA members must be preserved in this very public setting. All submissions will be credited as first name and last initial, with or without geographic location, or as anonymous.

2020_10_11 - November 2020 BDA Newslette
2020_10_11 - November 2020 BDA Newslette
2020_10_11 - November 2020 BDA Newslette
2020_10_11 - November 2020 BDA Newslette

NOTE: We will purposely avoid spelling out "Debtors Anonymous" and "Business Debtors Anonymous" so that members will not be afraid of accidentally leaving our newsletters on their desks or in other places related to their businesses or workplaces. We mention debting and debtors, hoping that will be general enough in a publication to avoid breaking anyone's anonymity. Please provide feedback on ways we can improve on the newsletters and on our practice of the Traditions in preparing them.

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Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the Debtors Anonymous principles and tools when owning and running a business. 

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