Free DA and BDA Literature

By group conscience, and based on availability of earmarked funds, we provide and ship physical copies of certain pieces of DA and BDA conference-approved books and pamphlets to BDA members and newcomers at no cost to them. We especially want to support newcomers and members who do not have local or regional access to conference-approved literature with this service.

Please visit our Literature Chair's page for details about the available books and pamphlets and how to receive them. If you prefer eBooks to the physical books and pamphlets we're providing, you can find all DA and BDA conference-approved literature in electronic format here. If you are ordering DA and BDA literature for a group, please find the DA and BDA literature order form here. We are not providing eBooks.

If you would like to support this initiative, please use any of the 7th Tradition buttons on this website and include "Literature Fund" in the available note space. You can do the same thing for "Public Information Fund" and "ISR Fund." We have already begun receiving earmarked and general donations from BDA groups and members.

The Twelves of DA and BDA from the

Debtors Anonymous Manual of Service

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2020_04_05 - DA Concepts.jpg
2020_04_05 - DA Tools.jpg
2020_04_05 - DA Traditions.jpg
2020_04_05 - DA Promises.jpg
2020_04_05 - BDA Tools.jpg

These are just a few of the pieces of free DA and BDA literature available on this site, please also visit:

DA and BDA Service Literature, DA and BDA Public Information, and Discontinued DA Pamphlets.

Business Debtors Anonymous 

Together, members of BDA support one another in applying the Debtors Anonymous principles and tools when owning and running a business. 


Registered Group #: Patiently Waiting

Business Meetings: 4th Saturdays

Dial-In #:  (701) 802-5415

Access Code: 8946796#

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