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An Invitation to Celebrate Our Solvency! (from our Newsletter Coordinator)

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Beginning with our first issue of Doing Business Without Debting, a monthly publication of the BDA Intergroup Startup Project (, coming out in late August for September, we want to feature you and your solvency date.

On the back page of each issue , in a section called "Experience," we will list annual solvency anniversaries (redundant, we know, but clear) upon request. That is one or more years since the last time we've incurred new unsecured debt, one day at a time. Whether that's personal or business solvency is not of our concern. You are welcome to choose, and you can submit individually for each if you like.

We are not encouraging pride in our solvency; we don't think it's anything to be proud about. It's about gratitude, and to remind ourselves and our newcomers of the value in BDA of protecting our solvency. In case you miss your month, we do welcome anniversaries in their publication month, as well as one month before and one month after. If you want to be included three times, please make one submission for each month.

It's easy! Submit your solvency date including the year, your first name and last initial (optional, no last names in the spirit of anonymity), where you are from (optional), and your BDA home group (optional). Suggested gratitude donation to the BDA Intergroup Startup Project is $10 per year of solvency being celebrated via the 7th tradition buttons at

It's a big deal; it's about God and service; let's all celebrate!!!

NOTE: Submissions needed by the 4th Friday of the month before the publication month (i.e. September 25th for our October newsletter).

This website is live now and ready for BDA meetings that want to be listed, for BDA events -- face-to-face, online, and phone -- and for subscriptions and 7th Tradition contributions from BDA groups and members. is live now, too.

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