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Grateful for BDA Intergroup Project Meeting List! (from a guest blogger)

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hi, there.

I'm Nancy G, from San Ramon, CA, the first-ever BDA Intergroup Project Coordinator, originally sent by my home group -- Walnut Creek BDA 7pm Pacific Time on Thursdays -- and the first-ever BDA Intergroup Project Newsletter Coordinator.

Please see my trusted servant page at, where you'll find all the information you need to make submissions to the newsletters, including submissions of your solvency date, if you have an anniversary coming up and want to celebrate with us.

That's an aside, though. My real reason for writing today is to share my gratitude for my home group's listing on the new BDA Intergroup Project meeting list at

We submitted the form to add our group, which is currently a videoconference, like many others, on July 12th and were added to the list a few days later. I was thrilled to see our small group with usual attendance at less than 10 BDA members (more often just the same five of us) grow to an attendance of 18 on July 23rd.

This completely changed the dynamics of the meeting in a positive way as we got to hear recovery from a variety of members rather than the same people week after week. I'm excited to see who will join us this week and next!

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If your BDA group needs an infusion of new members and voices, please take a few minutes to review the website and submit your group's information for inclusion on the meeting list. There's space for events, too!

You might also ask your group to announce service opportunities via the BDA Intergroup Startup Project. You and your group can make and be a difference to the next debtors and business owners who may be lost if they never find our fellowship.

Please join us in outreach and in-reach to our fellow debtors!

NOTE: The image used for this post is a stock photo. No photos of DA and BDA members will ever be posted to this website, staying in service to our anonymity Traditions.

This website is live now and ready for BDA meetings that want to be listed, for BDA events -- face-to-face, online, and phone -- and for subscriptions and 7th Tradition contributions from BDA groups and members. is live now, too.

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