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BDA Intergroup Startup Project — Come PRACTICE the DA and BDA principles and tools with us!

The thought of creating a startup business — either for-profit or not-for-profit — depending upon the efforts and inputs of self-proclaimed compulsive debtors and addicts sounds foolish on the face of it. Yet that is exactly what we're doing, and we believe our individual and shared recovery will make this startup not only possible, but quite successful.

Effective immediately, the previous BDA Intergroup has reformed as a BDA group with the very specific intention of spending the next 16 months investigating the need for and viability of a worldwide BDA Intergroup.

To that end, we have flattened out our org chart, flipped a finger at “Robert’s Rules,” and rid ourselves of every position and formality we deemed unnecessary, that is: most of them. We have created as friendly and functional an environment for contributing our time and energy, and your time and energy, in pursuit of our own recovery by selflessly serving other debtors and business owners, as it is possible to create.

We are no longer a committee; we are an active and action-based work group, and this is going to be work. If you want to DO service, especially outreach, please join us. If you feel a spiritual need to “give to others what so generously has been given to us” (from “Service” in the DA Tools), please join us. If you are at least 90 days solvent and ready to begin accepting promise 11 — “Honesty will guide our actions toward a rich life filled with meaning and purpose.” — please join us.

As for treating this effort as practice for owning and operating our own businesses, or contributing to the success of someone else's business in a defined role, this will provide opportunities in every area to "Do Business Without Debting."

There won't be profits for us at the end of the day, but there will be payoffs and returns on investment of our time served and 7th Tradition contributions offered. The real "profits," if we do this right, will not necessarily be financial and not necessarily for us, directly. But as those of us who have taken the Steps in this program sorry, taking the Steps in other programs won't count and have maintained solvency for at least 90 days in a row, one day at a time, know, "profit" comes in many forms. In this program, much of the profit comes in happiness and a new sense of WORTHINESS. The money and purchasing power come later.

On the other hand, the "profit" for our fellowship will be more obvious and immediate. We aren't talking about financial contributions or book sales, we're talking about the growth of our DA and BDA fellowship, in terms of both size and depth, and of our individual members.

Everything you need to know about this service opportunity is in the project document available below. In the meantime, here are our spiritual ground rules for the project, which should give you some idea of what is in store for those of you are ready to get down to the work of BDA service without taking "yourself too damn seriously" (from Tradition Four in AA's 12 and 12):

  • We constantly remind ourselves and each other that Higher Power oversees our efforts and our interactions; we ALL attempt to channel the Higher Power’s will for us, for our efforts and actions together, and for our fellow debtors and business owners.

  • When our discussion grows heated, we are encouraged to ask for a “Serenity Moment” when we will stop the discussion and say the Serenity Prayer together before continuing.

  • Our BDA Intergroup project leader and coordinators make recommendations and the BDA Intergroup project team makes decisions at business meetings. We are the group conscience for the BDA Intergroup project; we uphold the decisions we make together as Higher Power’s will.

  • New information provides opportunity for new group conscience. The opposite is also true: If there is no new information, there will be no re-treading — as in “treading water” — of topics previously reviewed and decided upon and no undermining of existing, documented decisions. “I was absent” and / or “I wasn’t paying attention” will NOT be considered new information.

  • Our business meetings are where we discuss and decide about the work we are doing individually and through coordination. BDA Intergroup project business meetings are not usually where “the work” happens, yet there are exceptions when project details and actions must be worked out formally.

  • We simply do not have available time nor desire to discuss every detail of every initiative; we trust our coordinators and project participants to guide us to the decisions we need to make together.

  • We follow through on our commitments and constantly strive to do our best.

  • We reason things out together, offering support and encouragement. We neither avoid nor unnecessarily create conflict either within or related to the BDA Intergroup project.

  • We practice principles before personalities and seek at least third-party support before acting against and / or speaking against any of our BDA Intergroup project team members, either within the project team or outside of it.

  • We have fun together and laugh at ourselves and each other a LOT. Bleeding deacons, drama kings and queens, Eeyores, Debbie Downers, and party poopers need not apply!

We have fun together and laugh at ourselves and each other a LOT. Bleeding deacons, drama kings and queens, Eeyores, Debbie Downers, and party poopers need not apply!

Please feel encouraged to reach out to with questions and consider spending 20 minutes reading the downloadable project document below.

We have registered BDA Intergroup Startup Project as an active BDA group and hope we will be listed on the GSO meeting list soon.

As you're making your one-year business (and personal) plans for 2021 over the next few months, please include BDA Intergroup Startup Project in your vision for both 7th Tradition contributions and service. We're doing some fun and interesting things. Please join us!

2020_08_23 - BDA Intergroup Project Docu
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This website is live now and ready for BDA meetings that want to be listed, for BDA events -- face-to-face, online, and phone -- and for subscriptions and 7th Tradition contributions from BDA groups and members. is live now, too.

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