Radio Media Outreach Resources

The audio recordings below are a 30-second public service announcement (PSA), both with and without background music (many radio stations require music), and a 60-second audio news release (ANR). Both were scripted by BDA Intergroup with the help and eventual audio production services of a paid media agency.

The recordings below, along with the press kit pdf, are available to any DA and / or BDA member, group, or Intergroup interested in doing radio media outreach in their towns, cities, states, or regions. The media players below will allow you to listen to the outreach audios. To download them, all three of them, please use the link to the zip file provided below the media plays. 


Regarding the PSA press kit, we are happy to serve as a point of contact for any radio media outreach project. Members, groups, and Intergroups are also welcome to create their own cover letters including a local contact and email address. Hopefully our press kit will be a good starting point.

Back to the recordings, although they were created specifically for radio outreach, they may also be something members, groups, and Intergroups might be able to successfully get placed on the resources pages of relevant websites, especially those related to money and debt. This use of these recordings is not on the current outreach plan for BDA Intergroup. We would love to hear about any successes in using these radio media outreach resources to carry the message of DA and BDA.


You may also want to visit DA and BDA Public InformationOutreach Brochures, Public Information Workshop Recordings, and Radio Outreach Project Reports.

BDA 30-Second PSA
00:00 / 00:28
BDA 30-Second PSA with music
00:00 / 00:30
BDA 60-Second ANR
00:00 / 00:59

Download a zip file with all three outreach audios by clicking here.

2021_07_15 - Electronic Press Kit - BDA PSA_Page_1.jpg
2021_07_15 - Electronic Press Kit - BDA PSA_Page_2.jpg