Site Map and Spiritual Ground Rules


BDA Intergroup Project
Spiritual Ground Rules

We constantly remind ourselves and each other that Higher Power oversees our efforts and our interactions; we ALL attempt to channel the Higher Power’s will for us, for our efforts and actions together, and for our fellow debtors and business owners. 

When our discussion grows heated, we are encouraged to ask for a “Serenity Moment” when we will stop the discussion and say the Serenity Prayer together before continuing. 

Our BDA Intergroup project leader and coordinators make recommendations and the BDA Intergroup project team makes decisions at business meetings. We are the group conscience for the BDA Intergroup project; we uphold the decisions we make together as Higher Power’s will. 

New information provides opportunity for new group conscience. The opposite is also true: If there is no new information, there will be no re-treading — as in “treading water” — of topics previously reviewed and decided upon and no undermining of existing, documented decisions. “I was absent” and / or “I wasn’t paying attention” will NOT be considered new information. 

Our business meetings are where we discuss and decide about the work we are doing individually and through coordination. BDA Intergroup project business meetings are not usually where “the work” happens, yet there are exceptions when project details and actions must be worked out formally. 

We simply do not have available time nor desire to discuss every detail of every initiative; we trust our coordinators and project participants to guide us to the decisions we need to make together. 

We follow through on our commitments and constantly strive to do our best. 

We reason things out together, offering support and encouragement. We neither avoid nor unnecessarily create conflict either within or related to the BDA Intergroup project.

We practice principles before personalities and seek at least third-party support before acting against and / or speaking against any of our BDA Intergroup project team members, either within the project team or outside of it. 

We have fun together and laugh at ourselves and each other a LOT. Bleeding deacons, drama kings and queens, Eeyores, Debbie Downers, and party poopers need not apply!